What A Weekly Livewell Mobility Project Can Change Your Life

livewell mobility scooters near me Mobility – Turnkey Solutions For Seniors and Their Families

livewell instafold folding mobility scooter black 3488 Tea CircleLivewell Mobility, a locally-owned company, helps seniors and their families to live comfortably and safely at home. Their turnkey solutions include ramps for wheelchairs, stairlifts, and home elevators.

When it became difficult for Jerry Dobbs to climb the stairs of his two-story home and he opted to use livewell Mobility (Techdirt.stream) and Modifications based in Katy. But their solution was not without its flaws.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable illness that affects the central nervous system. It affects different areas of the body in varying ways, which means that symptoms may be invisible to others and vary from time to time. Some people are symptom-free most of the time, while others experience severe pain, fatigue, weakness and incoordination, spasticity visual impairments and cognitive problems.

In the beginning stages of MS the symptoms can be evident to others. They could include difficulty walking, a change in walking style or movements that are not controlled, muscle stiffness, or weakening, problems with balance and coordination, numbness, or pins-and-needles and sensitivity to cold and heat. It is crucial to keep track of these symptoms and report any changes to your physician or health medical professional so that they can help you manage them better.

As the condition worsens, symptoms can become more severe and Livewell Mobility cause muscles becoming weak and spastic, which can cause a person’s muscles to become uncontrollable, especially when standing or sitting. They may also be afflicted with fatigue and mood swings which may hinder their ability to work or engage in social activities. Certain people develop secondary progressive MS, which is more severe than primary MS with Relapses. It can cause muscle weakness and paralysis to become worse over time.

It’s not known what can be done to prevent or cure MS. However it is essential to act and reduce the risk of injury. Follow the guidelines in our safety guide. It’s also recommended to attend regular appointments with your GP or MS nurse, and to notify them of any new symptoms when they first appear.


Stairlifts can assist a person navigate their home in a safe and easy manner. They can be installed on staircases that are straight or curving and work by mounting a track to the top and bottom of the stairs. The stairlift is pulled on the tracks and powered up or down by motors attached to track. The user simply folds down the footrest and seat, fastens a safety belt, and then presses the button to get the stairlift’s movement.

The stairlift can be pushed to the top of the stairs, or called back by the user through the remote control. This feature is particularly useful for those who are alone at the top of the stairs. It can prevent them from falling down or being in a dangerous situation in which they are not able to climb up.

Some stairlifts have seats that face the front instead of facing the side, which is more comfortable for those who have narrow staircases or knees that are stiff. These models may also be more appropriate for people who are unable to bend their knees to sit down when seated due to their mobility limitations.

A staircase lift can help someone with Parkinson’s maintain their independence throughout their entire home, allowing them to access their kitchen, laundry room and other areas that might otherwise be out of reach. In addition it can provide peace of mind being able to safely navigate their home even when their symptoms become more severe. Installing a stairlift to your home will greatly improve your living quality, so don’t hesitate to discuss your options with an experienced mobility equipment dealer.

Vertical Platform Lifts

It can be difficult to walk stairs if someone in the household uses a wheel chair. A home elevator or stairlift can offer safe access between floors, while raising property values.

For more advanced mobility requirements Vertical platform lifts can be erected on the ground to allow for easy transfers between floors. These lifts are typically found on porches and decks but they can also be utilized inside. In contrast to elevators that require a pit and shaft, through-floor lifts can be installed directly into the floor of your house which makes them less costly and more visually appealing.

The severity of Cerebral palsy is different, and certain patients may not be able to walk at all and may need help getting into and out of the bed. LiveWell can help with various accessibility devices for your home, such as bathroom lifts, Hoyer Lifts, and stairlifts. We also provide vertical platforms lifts or porch lifts that are ideal to transfer between the house and deck, patio or garage. These lifts feature an open platform for people to roll on before climbing or descending and are smaller than ramps.

Wheelchair ramps

A ramp for wheelchairs is an accessibility device that permits people with disabilities to effortlessly enter and exit vehicles, homes, and buildings. They can be permanent or semi-permanent and can be constructed from aluminum, concrete or wood. They can be built according in accordance with ADA standards and are usually capable of accommodating other mobility aids, such as scooters and walkers. Wheelchair ramps are available from a variety of medical equipment and disability stores or through the internet. Accessing ramps can be made simpler by contacting local disability organizations. These organizations might have alliances and connections with vendors who can supply ramps of high-quality and affordable price.

Threshold Ramps are designed to be flush with the threshold or curb of the door, and aid those with scooters or wheelchairs in getting around these obstacles. They are usually constructed from aluminum and come in tri-fold or bi-fold versions. These ramps aren’t fully ADA compatible and don’t have railings. However they are great for residential use.

Home wheelchair ramps are usually permanent fixtures and can be made from wood or concrete. They require a permit to build. They can be constructed to ADA standards or depending on the individual’s particular needs. They can be an ideal option for those who don’t want to purchase a van equipped with ramps.

Portable wheelchair ramps come in many different materials like aluminum, rubber, foam and natural or pressure-treated wood. Some are light and fold down to the size of a suitcase making them easy to carry and transport. They can be used to improve accessibility at home, or when visiting friends’ homes or vacation rentals, as well as other locations.

Bathroom Modifications

The bathroom can be one of the most difficult rooms for seniors or disabled individuals to navigate. Many mobility solution companies offer a range of bathroom modifications to make the bathroom more accessible and safer. These modifications can range from simple, inexpensive options like removing throw rugs to prevent slips and falls to more permanent fixtures such as installing wheelchair-accessible ramps or grab bars in the bath for stability.

Occupational therapists often suggest bathroom modifications that reduce risk and increase the comfort of people with disabilities. For instance, installing a raised toilet seat can ease the strain on weak hips and allow people to stand for longer periods. Changing the position of the faucet levers will also lessen stress on wrists and hands when washing or putting on clothes.

Shower and tub modifications can be anything from a simple stepless shower base installation to remove the threshold from the bathtub to full remodeling of a bathroom with a walk-in shower that removes obstacles for those who use wheelchairs or walker. These kinds of modifications can drastically reduce the risk of falls that could be dangerous and offer an increased level of independence for those with disabilities.

Installing the bath transfer seat that can be used to sit on while bathing or showering is another method to ensure the safety of bathrooms. Addition of non-slip tiles to the tub, shower or sink can help prevent accidents. To reduce the risk of accidents, make sure you keep the path leading to the bathroom bright and well-lit.

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