Rose Green Tea

This tea is a blend of Rose Buds & finest Darjeeling Green Tea. It brew into a smooth cup pronounced with rose flavour & has a good balance of rose & green so that you can enjoy the texture of a fine Darjeeling Green Tea & fragrance of Rose.

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Product Description

This tea is a blend of rose buds and fine Darjeeling green tea. The geais planted with high quality bushes at elevations up to 7000 ft and is among one of the highest tea gardens in Darjeeling. The temperature is very low and the growth is very slow, which are the perfect conditions to produce premium quality Darjeeling tea. The tea is then blended with real rose buds, No artificial flavours or oils are added
Pronounced flavors of rose can be experienced with a good balance of rose and green tea allowing you to enjoy the texture of a fine Darjeeling green tea with the fragrance of rose.

Brewing Instructions

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2gms Rose Green Tea

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180ml Water

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Steep for 2 mins

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Dried Rose Buds

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Premium Green Tea Leaves


Brew Analysis

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Dry Leaf

100% fine greenish leaf with few tips

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Infused Leaf

Bright green with red rose buds

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Brew Colour

Bright greenish yellow

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Fruity sweet

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Pronounced rose flavor

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After Taste

Refreshing and pleasing


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