Sencha Green Tea

Japanese style flat tea leaves with a refreshing flavor that can be described as vegetal, green, or grassy


2 Grams | 180 mL Water | 80°C | Steep 2 Min.


Premium Green Tea Leaves.

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Darjeeling Sencha green tea has long polished dark green leaves that are larger in size than a typical Japanese sencha. The leaves produce a pale liquor with a pronounced aroma that is vegetal, smoky and somewhat reminiscent of tobacco. The taste, however, is rather soft for an Indian green tea with smooth lightly vegetal flavours. It has a mouth coating aspect and notes that are smoky and fruity, resembling smoked prunes. There is slight tartness and a slight tannic astringency on the aftertaste. Overall, the flavours of this tea do take you on a little journey. The start is sweet, the middle progresses to a main smoky and fruity flavour and the finish has a mineral and vegetal aftertaste.

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