Sencha Green Tea

Japanese style flat tea leaves with a refreshing flavor that can be described as vegetal, green, or grassy

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Product Description

Darjeeling Sencha green tea has long polished dark green leaves that are larger in size than a typical Japanese sencha. The leaves produce a pale liquor with a pronounced aroma that is vegetal, smoky and somewhat reminiscent of tobacco. The taste, however, is rather soft for an Indian green tea with smooth lightly vegetal flavours. It has a mouth coating aspect and notes that are smoky and fruity, resembling smoked prunes. There is slight tartness and a slight tannic astringency on the aftertaste. Overall, the flavours of this tea do take you on a little journey. The start is sweet, the middle progresses to a main smoky and fruity flavour and the finish has a mineral and vegetal aftertaste.

Brewing Instructions

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2gms Sencha Tea

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180ml Water

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Steep for 2 mins

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Is Sencha Good For You?

Sencha green tea is rich in antioxidants makes it a beverage that prevents several chronic diseases. Additionally, it helps in building the body’s immune system

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How much Caffeine is there in Sencha?

Yes, Sencha Green Tea does have caffeine in it but it falls in the medium caffeine range (between 20 and 30 milligrams)

Loose Leaf or Tea Bags?

When compared to teabags, Sencha is always better in the loose-leaf form. This is because the health-promoting compounds (catechins) are present more in loose leaf tea

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