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Your Tea, Reimagined

Tea Circle provides you with a wide selection of teas that are packaged in convenient packaging, with tea blends that can help enhance your daily wellness routine. 

The best part of it all is that you can now customize it to your liking. 

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Black Tea

Find the best leaves of the Himalayas

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Green Tea

The most healthy leaves just for you

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Complete your tea drinking experience with these

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"Giving 4 stars: Good quality, Good Packaging, OnTime Delivery"
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Aman Jamwal
"Bought this for my sister. She's very happy with it"
3b 1 1 Tea Circle
It's a beautiful good quality cover for my cup. The cup fits nicely and you can lock it with the button.
alexander aashiesh LRmabQsTtIU u Tea Circle
"Good in taste , no flaw. Only negative was price... which I can understand coz its authentic Darjeeling... "
matthew hamilton tNCH0sKSZbA unsplash 1 Tea Circle
Kalpana Rana
"The teas are awesome. They are value for price."
naim ahmed 8BcVHmAHtlw unsplash 2 Tea Circle
Good collection of tea varieties. Will recommend
nonresident GSfzoaI1et4 unsplash 1 1 Tea Circle
Anju Balaji
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“Some of the best teas I’ve ever tasted has come from this artisanal brand. Excellent stuff ” – Pradeep Singh, Gurgaon