Jasmine Green Tea

Leaf appearance : Well rolled & well twisted bright green whole leaves
Infusion : Bright olive green infusion
Liquor color : Bright greenish yellow cup
Transparency : Fully transparent
Sweetness : Very mild sweetness
Astringency : Mild pleasing astringency
Flavor: Gentle, floral tones of Jasmine and the flavor of Darjeeling green tea
Aroma : Fresh aroma of Jasmine and Darjeeling green tea
Aftertaste : Smooth and lingering aftertaste

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Smooth and flavory green Tea with a gentle hint of Jasmine. Fusing the finest green teas from the high-elevation gardens with gentle, floral tones of Jasmine, this tea has captured the flavor of Darjeeling. This Tea is for them who loves the flavor of Jasmine getting married with Darjeeling Green Tea. The perfect Blend of two aromas and taste which is a lovely experience to drink.

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