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Malpractice Attorneys

Malpractice attorneys are lawyers who focus their practice on professional liability lawsuits. These cases can be complex and require the assistance of medical experts. These cases are also expensive. This has led to a number of malpractice attorneys declining to take these cases.

Medical negligence occurs when a doctor departs from accepted medical practices that cause injury or death to the patient. Compensation can be based on economic damages, including medical expenses and lost wages in addition to non-economic damages like pain and discomfort.

Dalli & Marino LLP

Every year, billions of dollars are paid in medical malpractice settlements. These claims can be extremely complicated, which is why it is crucial to have a skilled attorney on your side. Malpractice attorneys are adept in assembling the appropriate evidence, speaking with medical experts, and presenting that evidence in a way that is favorable for their clients.

John Dalli, a founding partner of the firm has been litigating and trying complex personal injury and medical malpractice issues for more than 17 years. He has been successful in representing victims of abuse in nursing homes and elder abuse, including cases that involve malnutrition, physical abuse, financial exploitation and sexual abuse. He has also won many verdicts on behalf of construction workers who were injured while at work.

Dalli also handled a variety of high-profile cases within New York City and Nassau County for victims of medical negligence. These cases have involved patients suffering serious injuries, such as the damage to the spinal cord and brain injuries that are traumatic. fatal injuries caused by negligence.

Navas is a key figure in the firm’s operation, malpractice law firm providing crucial support to attorneys and other staff members. She is adept at understanding how various departments work, and she has been a major player in the creation of the firm’s first comprehensive Employee Handbook which clarifies the company’s policies and reduces risk to the legal system. She also has been credited with streamlining accounting processes and facilitating the transition to a new legal case management CRM, document imaging and software.

Abend & Silber

When you visit a doctor, you’re expecting them to adhere to certain guidelines for malpractice Law firm medical care. If they fail to adhere to these standards and the failure results in injuries or health issues, then you could make a claim for medical malpractice. A lawyer for malpractice can assist you in the process of filing a lawsuit, and make sure that your case is legally viable. They will collect the most evidence they can, and possess a thorough understanding of New York Law.

The firm has a demonstrated track record of defending individuals who have suffered Malpractice Law Firm. They have been able to secure numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts for their clients. One of these verdicts was $2,750,000 in Nassau County Supreme Court. The patient suffered from cancer due to her doctor’s failure to recognize it.

They have a wide range of expertise in medical and personal injury malpractice lawyers cases, and are widely regarded as leaders in this area. They are considered to be one of the most reputable medical malpractice law firms in New York and have won one of the largest settlements for malpractice ever. They have a team of committed lawyers who work tirelessly on your behalf. They will gather the appropriate evidence and question experts, ensuring your case is successful. They will also take care of all the paperwork and negotiate with insurance companies. They will also give you advice on whether to accept a lump-sum or a structured payment over time.

Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman

Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman is among New York’s most respected personal injury firms. The firm specializes in medical malpractice cases, and its attorneys are committed to achieving the best results for their clients. Their lawyers have handled a variety of complex trials and settlements of millions of dollars.

The firm’s lawyers have more than 80 years of experience combined and have secured millions of dollars for injured victims. They specialize in cases of medical malpractice, car accidents, and other personal injury. They are also experienced in representing victims of wrongful deaths and catastrophic injuries.

In addition to handling medical malpractice claims The firm’s lawyers are also committed to community service. They give their time to Trial Lawyers Care, a non-profit that provides free legal services to families affected by the September 11 attacks. They have also donated funds to the New York City Bar Association’s Pro Bono Program and the American Association for Justice’s Future of Law Initiative.

In a case that was recently heard, Lipsig attorney Michael A. Marando obtained an $13 million verdict for his client, who was harmed when the security guard allowed a violent former resident enter the office in which she assaulted the staff member. The jury awarded her $2 million in compensatory damage and $1.5 in punitive damages.

Reiter & Reiter

Jesse Reiter is one of the most recognized attorneys in his field. He has secured multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for victims of birth injuries. He has a reputation for meticulous preparation and unwavering advocacy. He is also a consistent supporter of research into the reasons and treatments for birth injuries, which includes hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). He is able to share his knowledge through published work and leadership roles in birth-trauma and legal organizations and presentations at conferences across the country.

He graduated from Stuyvesant High School, Brandeis University as well as Brooklyn Law School. He is a member of the American Bar Association and is licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey, and in four other jurisdictions. He has a wide range of experience in handling medical malpractice cases, domestic and international air travel accidents, personal injuries and property damage claims.

He is a partner of the firm and has more than 30 years of experience in the trial of commercial disputes, insurance coverage concerns mass torts, as well as complex federal and state court cases. He has also represented class action lawsuits. His experience has led him to work on a variety of cases, including personal injury, toxic tort, and medical malpractice. His clients include large public corporations as well as private firms. He is a frequent speaker on litigation strategies and case management.

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