The Wonders of Tea – A Poem

The warm cup cradled in my hands,
A comforting aroma fills the air.
The steam that rises is a gentle caress,
Inviting me to take a sip, to taste its richness.

The golden liquid that flows upon my tongue,
Is a symphony of flavors, both sweet and bold.
Each sip a journey, a discovery anew,
Of the wonders that only tea can do.

From the mountains high, where the leaves are plucked,
To the pot that brews, where magic is tucked,
Tea is a brew that brings us all together,
In a moment of peace, in fair weather or stormy weather.

So let us raise our cups, and give a cheer,
To the wonders of tea, that bring us good cheer.
A drink that is loved by young and old,
A cup of tea, a story yet untold.

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