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Volkswagen Polo is a small car that is available in hatchback, sedan and estate versions. It is renowned for being a good value for money.

If you have a Polo key fob that has been damaged by exposure to clean tap water, try cleaning the electronic chip with isopropyl alcohol or an electrical cleaner. If the battery is still dead, this procedure should restore functionality.


It doesn’t matter if are a novice or an experienced car owner, having spare VW keys is always a good idea. Keys can be used to open windows and doors, or even remotely start your car. There are many reasons why your key fob could stop working. This could be due an inactive battery or water damage. If this is the situation, you’ll need to see a dealer to reset the program.

Test the button to see whether your key fob is dead. When you press the button it should light up or flash up. If it doesn’t, it’s time to replace the battery. It is easy to install a new CR2032 battery at any auto store. You must ensure that the new battery has the same voltage and size as the old one. If you’re not sure how to replace the battery, it’s best to leave it to an expert.

If your Volkswagen Polo won’t lock and unlock after changing the battery for the coin it could be due to a problem in its internal chip. It can be costly to fix, but it is possible. Keep the key in a secure place and only use it as needed. This will stop it from being accidentally pressed and causing alarms to sound or the window to be opened in error.


I spoke with an individual from the business world recently who was shocked at the cost of a key fob that he was trying to purchase for his Volkswagen. The dealer wanted more than R10K for an actual key fob! It was fortunate that I was able get the key fob for less than that from a professional locksmith in my area.

A transponder, a chip that is embedded into your key fob, has an individual code for your vehicle. When the key fob inserted into the ignition, it emits an alert to the computer of your car that you’ve got the correct key. The computer starts the car and then unlocks all door locks.

It’s also the technology that allows you to pass through turnpike tollbooths without stopping to pay. It’s a simple but efficient way to add an extra layer of security for your vehicle.

The process of duplicated transponder keys is a bit more expensive than cutting a normal key blank because of the cost of the key fob as well as the equipment required to program it (like the JMD Handy Baby or MiroClone). The Philips Crypto code is more expensive as the software programs like AutoCode, CodesExpress or InstaCode cost per key code or yearly subscriptions. You can, however, duplicate keys using free key code generator apps like JMD Handy Baby or MiroClone and the key bitting application for free called AutoCode – VIN to Key Code Generator & Bitting application.


The key fob on the volkswagen locked keys in car Polo can control several features, volkswagen polo remote key price including opening and closing the windows or sunroofs, as well as start your vehicle remotely. It’s also a useful device to help prevent theft. If your key fob does not work it could be an indication that the battery is dying or that there is an issue with the transmitter in the car. The good thing is that you could usually fix this yourself.

The most frequent cause of the dead VW Polo key fob is a faulty battery for the coin-cell. It is easy to replace the battery in just a few minutes. It is essential to use the same size battery as the previous one in order to prevent damaging the transmitter.

An antenna that is damaged or dead can also be the reason of a lost VW Polo remote key. The dirt or debris that is in the antenna coil of your car can interfere with the transmission of radio waves to and from your key fob. You can test this by connecting the diagnostic tool to the OBDII port. The tool will ask you to input some details like the vehicle’s make, model, and the type of engine.

You could also try an extra VW Key to test if that works. If the key doesn’t work, you can contact the dealer to request that it be reprogrammed or a replacement. It is best to read the car’s owner manual for instructions on reprogramming the VW key.


308785165 499195788347328 5859105632268553197 nlow Tea CircleFor VW Polo owners who are looking to purchase an extra remote, there are a few alternatives. The dealership can sell them the new keyfob, or a locksmith that is skilled in Volkswagen keys can cut it for them. The price of the key can vary between $50-$150. It will also have to be programmed to ensure that it functions with the vehicle.

The Volkswagen Polo is equipped with a system that blocks the car from starting if it cannot find the right key. The immobilizer is designed to keep thieves from hot-wringing a car. The immobilizer is an RFID chip that is integrated into the key.

This technology has made cars much more difficult to steal, but it has also created a problem for Volkswagen Polo Remote Key Price locksmiths. Since VW dealers don’t have the RFID code accessible for car locksmiths, they must use a special software program known as VCDS to retrieve the information from the transponder.

311135906 1281855972636056 2987376612771239945 nlow Tea CircleThe replacement of the battery in the Volkswagen key fob is simple and inexpensive, but it could be dangerous should you make a mistake. To avoid damaging your fob you must always replace the battery with a certified Volkswagen service center. You’ll require a flathead screwdriver, an CR2032 battery that’s brand new, and a piece of tape to limit damage. You will need to remove the cover on the back of the key fob. Then, you have to unfold the key bit and remove the cap on the handle of the door on the door for the driver.

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