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Multi Fuel Stoves

Designed to be inset into a fireplace with the standard 16″ opening The FLARE Collection Banbury electric inset stove has all the appeal of wood burning without requiring chimney. It also boasts LED technology.

Multi-fuel stoves can burn other substances other than logs, like peat briquettes or turf briquettes. They can also burn anthracite and coal. If you live in an area where smoke is controlled, look for DEFRA-approved models that are able to be used with these kinds of smokeless fuels.


If you want to use renewable energy sources, using wood as your primary fuel for your stove is a good choice. It’s a clean, efficient method to heat your home and is cost-effective when employed as the primary heating system. It can also be used to heat your domestic hot water system if you choose to connect it to your central heating system.

You can purchase seasoned wood as logs from a number of outlets including local tree services or supermarkets. For the best results from your stove, you need to use dry, seasoned wood. It will burn more quickly and efficiently than unseasoned or green wood, while also producing a greater heat output. Ensure you store your logs in a dry area and stack them in a proper manner to avoid getting damp and rotting.

Wood multi fuel stoves banbury are made to take a variety of different types of fuel, and logs. The grate can be raised with moving bars, or the ash pan and grate can be removed for cleaning. No matter what type of fuel you’re using, removing the grate from the ash is vital to maintain the proper combustion conditions.

A multi-fuel stove is an excellent option if you want to experience the classic appearance of a traditional log burner, but need an easier and less frequent maintenance routine. These stoves can be used with a range of fuels including smokeless coals, anthracite, and peat briquettes. They can be equipped with a thermostat and timers that can be programmed which makes them an ideal option for busy households.

Multi-fuel stoves are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the space you need to work with. They can be used to heat smaller, insulated rooms, or as an additional heating system in larger homes with multiple radiators. They can be connected to the central heating system to ensure an efficient distribution of heat.

It is essential to make the right choice when selecting a wood burning stove for your home in Oxfordshire. You should choose an experienced installer and supplier to ensure the job is done safely and correctly. You should also consider the maintenance of your flue and chimney as well as finding and storing seasoned, dry wood.


If you are looking for a stove that is able to burn turf briquettes, peat as well as smokeless coal or anthracite as well as logs, a multi fuel stove is the choice for you. The stoves come with a grate that is elevated above the ground, so that air can circulate under the flames to keep them burning. A second air wash vent, pre-heated from the top of your stove, assists in preventing the ash from accumulating on the glass. Many multi-fuel stoves come with riddling or air wash vent that has been pre-heated and located at the top of the stove. This prevents the ash from sticking to the glass window.

There are two distinct air controls when you buy a multi-fuel stove. One for wood burning and the second for coal burning. This is important as each type of fuel needs different conditions to ignite and keep alight. Air is required for coal to be able to reach it from below however wood requires air from above. A lot of multi-fuel stoves have raised grates that have moveable bars that you can use to add brquettes. Some stoves have a riddling tray to remove the ash and feed it into an under-pannel.

You can only burn coal in a multi-fuel stove if it is HETAS or DEFRA approved and emits emissions that are low enough to be able to be burned in a smoke-control area. It is not recommended to mix wood and coal since this could result in a less efficient burning, and release smoke and toxic substances.

Multi fuel stoves are an excellent option for those who want to heat their home mostly using wood. They provide you with more options. If you intend to use it for wood it is recommended to use a woodburning stove. is the best choice since it can provide the most efficient results. It is also essential to only use kiln dried logs that have an extremely low moisture content. These logs will burn more efficiently and be easier to handle than green wood.


The Be Modern Banbury electric multi-fuel stove is a stunning piece of equipment that makes use of the latest LED technology to create an authentic log effect. This modern inset stove is perfect for a variety of surrounds, and can provide instant warmth.

The latest generation of multi fuel stoves which can take isobutane/propane canisters as well as liquid white gas have changed the way backpackers make use of their stoves. Traditionally, stoves that burn multiple fuels have been extremely heavy and bulky designed to be used from the base camp or inside your vehicle. The new stoves have a smaller size they are lighter and more flexible.

Most of these stoves have a small pump in the tank that is used to pressurize the fuel. After the fuel is pressurized, turn on the stove and wait for a couple of minutes until it warms up before you begin cooking. A majority of stoves come with an adjustable flame that can be adjusted to allow for simmering.

All stoves in this class can be run on a variety of liquid fuels. Some can also run on regular gasoline without lead or old-fashioned kerosene, aka jet fuel. The Coleman Multifuel stove is limited to burning its own fuel. It cannot accept isobutane/propane, kerosene or other liquid fuels. However, the more modern models such as the Optimus Polaris, the MSR WhisperLite International, and the Omnifuel have separate nozzles that can be used for either fuel.

Unlike the older alcohol burners, which were loved by youth groups, but insanely slow and without temperature control, the gas multi fuel stoves in this category are extremely quick. Most of these stoves have an adjustable valve that can be adjusted to decrease the size of the flame and thus the output of heat. This adjustment is typically accessible to gloves and has small multi fuel stove graduations to fine tune. The new generation of Trangia style stoves (like the Trangia X2) can be operated with liquid fuel as well as butane/propane and kerosene. They offer the benefit of a very small footprint when packed up.


As the name suggests multi fuel stoves are able to burn more than just logs. They also can burn different substances such as peat or turf briquettes and anthracite coal. The design of these stoves has been optimized to accept a wider range of substances and burn them as efficiently as is possible. They typically have an elevated grate or central riddling grate and an ashpan. This arrangement allows for the burning fuel to regularly be removed from the ash and to collected for safe disposal.

The most important thing to remember when selecting a multi fuel stove is to always make sure to use only wood that is seasoned. This will decrease the amount of moisture present in the wood, making it burn more efficiently. The moisture content of a single piece of wood can be up to 50% and this could cause problems during the combustion process. Seasoned wood has a moisture content of less than 20% and is therefore much more flammable.

A 5kw multi fuel stoves defra approved-fuel stove can be used to cook and heat. If you select one that comes with an integral boiler, you will be able to heat hot water for your home. Additionally the stoves can be connected to radiators so that they can be used to provide additional warmth in colder rooms.

Certain multi-fuel stoves can burn a variety of liquid fuels including unleaded automotive gasoline, kerosene, and pure white gas. They may also be able to run on propane canisters, butane containers, or jet fuel.

The main advantage of a multi fuel stove is that it enables you to utilize a larger selection of local suppliers than a wood burner that is exclusively designed for use. This can drastically cut down on both the cost of your fuel as well as the amount time and money that you spend transporting it to your home. This is especially beneficial when you live in an area where wood stoves are not permitted.wood burning stove with back boiler fireplace multi fuel prity s3w17 17 5 kw 2181 Tea Circle

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