Who Is Responsible For A Remote Key Repair Budget? 12 Tips On How To Spend Your Money

How to Fix a Key Fob That isn’t Working

Peugeot 2021 New Black Tea CircleIf your key fob doesn’t work, a few easy steps can fix it. The first step is to make sure that it’s not your backup remote.

If your backup remote cannot unlock and lock the doors of your vehicle, it is likely that the main remote is not working. Most problems with car remote keys are caused by circuitry or battery problems.


It is not unusual to find a battery on the key fob for cars to wear out. It is simple to replace a battery. However it is essential that you use the correct type. You can consult your owner’s manual or call the manufacturer to determine the right kind. It is also a good idea to examine the battery compartment carefully because dead batteries can release caustic chemicals that could cause damage to the remote. If changing the batteries doesn’t solve the issue it could be because there are other issues that require attention from a professional. For instance, if the buttons seem stuck or broken It may be necessary to disassemble the remote and rework its parts. You could also try reprogramming your car to recognize the new key fob.


Key fobs can get filthy and worn out due to repeated use. It is not unusual for buttons to stop working, or to require a hefty push to make them work. This can be very frustrating, especially if you are away from home and need to start your electronic car key repair near me. Even broken or damaged buttons can be fixed with a little effort and tools you already have at home.

First, make sure that the batteries are properly placed and that the indentation on the back of the button is filled. Open the remote carefully and examine the circuit board. Look for signs of corrosion or other signs that buttons are worn out or damaged, mobile car Key repair such as missing the conductive paint. Use a Q-tip, dipped in rubbing alcohol to gently clean any membrane contact that is damaged or where conductive paint is missing. Avoid rubbing too hard, as this can erode the conductive paint and stop the button from firing when it is the button is pressed.

Also, be sure to check the battery connector’s terminals to ensure an unattached solder connection. If this is the case, simply connecting them back can bring back function to the button. You can apply the same procedure to restore functionality to any other loose connection within the fob.

If any of the rubber buttons at the front of the keyfob isn’t working or require being pressing very hard the graphite disks at the back of the button might have worn out and will require replacement. This can usually be done by rubbing a pencil over the disks, which should bring the button back to working.

If none of this is helpful, or if the button does not respond to a firm press, then it may be that the circuit board has gone bad. It is possible to fix this by a quick clean and refitting, but it’s recommended to have an additional fob on hand in the event that this method fails for you.


The circuit board inside your remote control may be dirty, regardless of whether the buttons on the key fob work or not. This problem can be resolved by a thorough inspection. Broken and damaged cases are the most frequent causes of dirty boards. A damaged case allows water and other debris to get in and short circuit the electronics. Water can also eat through pins and vias, which are small connectors on the board.

If you’re handy enough to open your key fob and don’t mind making a mess, we can remove the solder from the buttons and put new ones in their place. It’s also worth checking the battery terminal connections. If they’re loose, the buttons could not function or get stuck in their down position. Soldering the terminals and Mobile Car Key Repair buttons to their original positions is often enough to restore a non-working fob back to working.

Non-remote key repairs transponder chips

Sealed non-remote transponder chips are much more durable than remote fobs that have them however they are still susceptible to being damaged by a hole that is that is drilled into them or over by a lawnmowers blade or door handle for a mobile car key repair. Fuse failures are usually to blame for non-remote chip failures.

If you’re not comfortable opening the key fob, you can take the circuit board off and use a multimeter to determine if the diode is operating properly. If you’re unsure about doing this, visit your local hardware store or Oreilly’s, and they usually have a radio frequency tester that can let you know whether the key fob is sending signals.


Key fobs aren’t impervious to destruction and are susceptible to being damaged through a variety of causes. They may lose their connection with the receiver in your vehicle due to shocks or low battery, requiring changing the program. A professional auto locksmith, or main dealer can reprogram your keyfob to get it working again. In the event that resetting or repairing your key fob isn’t working, it could be time to replace it entirely.

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