What’s The Reason Everyone Is Talking About Private ADHD Titration Right Now

Private ADHD Titration

There is currently a national shortage of medication that helps to treat ADHD symptoms. This is due both to manufacturing problems and an increased global demand.

Our service can provide private ADHD titration as an alternative to waiting for NHS funding through Right to Choose. Our assessment fees include the cost of a single prescription.


A highly experienced consultant psychiatrist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your ADHD. This will include a medical history and Private Adhd titration an assessment using the standard ADHD rating scales and questionnaires.

After your examination, you will be informed whether medication may be beneficial in your particular situation. This will take place at your follow up appointment (which can be done in person by video link, in person or by phone). Your doctor will go over the various options for medications available. If you decide to start medication, we will offer you the opportunity to increase your dosage to optimize the benefits/side-effects balance for you.

This process could take a few weeks and involves adjusting the dosage of your child’s medication slowly until the right balance is achieved. It is not uncommon to to titrate as high as three different medicines before you can find the one that best suits your child’s ADHD. Parents must be involved in this titration process and keep an watchful eye on their child’s behavior so that they can inform the doctor whether the medication what is adhd titration working or causing adverse effects.

Unless you have decided to return to NHS treatment, your medication will be given as a prescription from a private pharmacy that you will need to pay for at the pharmacy (this is not included in your consultation fees). You’ll need to attend six-monthly appointments to check your medication. This includes the measurement of pulse and blood pressure. Annual checks are also required.

Follow-up appointments

Once the evaluation has been completed you will be able to make follow up appointments with your psychiatrist, if necessary. The appointment will usually be conducted through a zoom video call. In some instances, it could be possible to have an audio-only consultation to be scheduled (again at an additional cost).

We will then discuss treatment options and decide on an individualised, bespoke ADHD medication adjustment. This will include a discussion and review of your medication dose and any side effects you may be experiencing. These titrations cost PS150 for face-toface sessions and PS60 via telephone or video consultation. The pharmacy will be charged for any charges for medication.

The psychiatrist will also ask you about your family background and the impact your ADHD symptoms impact your life, as well as any relationship issues you might be having or other mental health issues you may be experiencing. ADHD is a genetic condition, so it’s important to examine your family history to determine if you are at a higher risk of developing this disorder.

It is crucial that you are honest and transparent with your doctor during this evaluation, as the information they receive will be used to determine whether your ADHD fits the diagnostic criteria. This is an essential step in the process because if you don’t do it, it could result in an inaccurate diagnosis and therefore inappropriate prescribing of medication.

If you decide to receive treatment for ADHD We’ll set up an appointment to follow-up with a psychiatrist who specializes in this field. This can be scheduled within the first few days of your diagnosis if you want to start treatment immediately, or within two weeks if you would like more time to consider the implications of your diagnosis and the possibilities available to you.

We suggest that if you are unsure of your preferences, talk with your GP prior to scheduling your private examination. Some providers have different guidelines regarding whether they require a GP letter. Find out if your GP accepts the Shared Care Agreement, which means you will be referred to them when you leave the clinic to get a prescriptions for medication.


For many people who seek an individual diagnosis of ADHD treatment is an important aspect of their journey. Finding an appointment with an NHS psychiatrist can be a hassle and long-winded. NHS waiting lists are notoriously long and GPs may be reluctant to refer patients on to specialist services.

One method to avoid this is to ask your GP to refer you to Right to Choose (see psychiatry-uk and ADHD 360). This means that you can choose an organization that offers a private assessment and titration service. This will cut down your waiting time significantly and is more convenient if you’re working and have a hectic schedule.

Once you have been identified as a candidate for this treatment, your chosen clinician will examine you and decide whether or not you require to be adjusted on your medication. You will be asked to fill out forms that differ by doctor but the most common ones are self-report forms and medical histories from childhood and adulthood. These forms will allow your doctor to determine if there are any factors that could mean you shouldn’t be taking ADHD medications, in the event that they’ve been prescribed.

If you are on a titration medication, it will typically be a combination of stimulants and non-stimulant medications. These will be carefully trialled and monitored to find the most suitable combination for you, taking into consideration any existing conditions you have. The titration procedure can be a lengthy process and may require a number of additional appointments before you are stable.

The frequency of your follow-up appointments will depend on the type and quantity of medication you are taking. They can be scheduled for monthly or quarterly. Your physician will make sure that you are stable with the medication, record any side effects you’ve experienced and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that you remain on a safe dosage. You will be required to attend an annual review and a regular health check-up that includes pulse, blood pressure, and weight measurements.

For some individuals it could be because they are satisfied with their medication and don’t require a further discussion about their titration. If you’re looking to discuss your titration or treatment plan in more detail, it is possible that you’ll be sent back to the private clinic who performed your initial assessment. If this happens, the titration appointment will be included in the consultation fee, and they will be given their medication on a private prescription (see Consultation fees above). This could cost more than a prescription from the NHS since the pharmacy will charge for the medication.Psychiatrylogo IamPsychiatry Tea Circle

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