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Shopping Online in Ireland Despite Brexit

Brexit has changed the game for UK online retailers in Ireland. It is better to shop locally due to the additional VAT and customs costs.

It’s not as simple as it appears. There are numerous charges to be considered, such as exchange rates and fees for international payments.


The Irish online retail market has shown rapid growth in recent years as customers are becoming more comfortable with purchasing goods and services online. Electronics and fashion are the most popular categories of merchandise. The majority of online buyers in Ireland use a credit or debit card to pay, while some also utilize PayPal.

The country’s strong household internet access and high use of smartphones has contributed to this growth. Irish consumers spent more than EUR4 billion online in 2021. This is an increase of 30% compared to the previous year. This rise was fueled by strong demand for clothing, sports equipment, and electronics.

But there are a few things you need to be aware of when buying online from the UK to Ireland. For instance, if you purchase from an EU-registered merchant The EU’s consumer protection laws automatically apply. These laws provide a minimum two-year guarantee against defective products and other issues. You should be aware that if you purchase from a retailer who is not registered with the EU and you are charged additional fees and face delays when returning your item.

Another important thing to consider is whether or not the store you’re shopping with has a physical presence in the EU. If it does, the seller will likely charge EU VAT at checkout. Etsy, eBay and other retailers are examples of this. This is also true for retailers such as Amazon who sell products that are sold in the EU and then shipped to the EU.

It is important to be aware that some items are tax-free in the EU. This includes books, children’s clothes and footwear (up to age 11) and some electronic devices, such as tablets and laptops. This information should be displayed on the description page for the item.

Despite Brexit’s impact on the UK-Irish trade relationship There are plenty of advantages to shopping online from the UK to Ireland. In fact the UK is expected to remain an important eCommerce trading partner for Ireland in the near future.


Despite Brexit, online shopping remains an important and popular business in Ireland. In fact, the country’s online commerce industry has been growing steadily in recent years because of the widespread internet access and mobile phone usage. As a result, it is estimated that Irish customers spend over EUR4 billion each year on online purchases. This includes clothing, travel, food, electronics ticket to events, and much more. As the population increases and Internet penetration grows it is expected that the online shopping market in Ireland will continue to grow.

Many people are still unsure about the new rules for buying online in the UK. Although the Government has a clear guide for customers however, it can be confusing and complex for online retailers who are still working out how to best serve their customers. This is especially relevant for businesses operating from the UK since they might not be aware of the new Irish VAT and Customs charges.

The price of an item advertised on the website of a retailer may differ dramatically between different countries. This is because of factors such as shipping costs, business expenses, VAT, and more. These factors can be the reason a product is priced differently in Ireland and the UK. But it’s important to remember that EU consumer law safeguards you when you shop with retailers registered with the EU, so be sure to check the terms and conditions prior to making an purchase.

Irish consumers are primarily concerned about cost when it comes to online shopping. More than 60% of Irish shoppers prefer the cheapest method of delivery, even if that means it takes longer. And only 17% of them will pay extra for an expedited service. This is because they want to save money on shipping costs and taxes.

It is simple to ship from the UK to Ireland with the proper customs brokers and couriers. Online retailers can also manage their UK-based logistic and VAT by registering with Revenue Ireland and creating a virtual address within the country. They will be able to avoid additional charges such as VAT and duty. This will also help increase sales and ensure they remain competitive in the Irish market.


Asos, the UK fashion giant, is a great place to find trendy designs that are affordable. The company sells more than 800 brands and has its own line of clothing. It offers options for tall, plus-sized and petite women. It also offers a selection of accessories and shoes. The site is user-friendly and provides a variety of styles for every occasion.

However, the fashion giant is facing some serious challenges. A new law took effect on January 1 that affects online shopping parcels sent to Ireland from the UK. These packages are now subject to additional fees and taxes. The company is trying to compensate for this by offering new deals on international shipping. In addition it is working to expand its warehouses across the EU.

However, a few of these changes have met with resistance from consumers. The new charges for international shipping are especially unwelcome. Luckily, there are ways to avoid these new costs and save money on ASOS. For instance, you can, use services like ColisExpat to forward your ASOS orders to your home in Ireland. This will save you time and money repacking and re-shipping your packages. You can group purchases from various websites to cut down on shipping costs.

ASOS also plans on opening physical stores in Europe as well as the US. These stores will be used to store and ship items to customers. The stores will be situated in major cities and feature a wide selection of accessories and clothing. The CEO of the company Nick Beighton expects these changes to increase profits.

ASOS offers a number of ways to save money. You can make use of coupons or wait for the next sale. The site will email promo codes to your email address or directly to the website. It also has a “Save for Later” feature, which lets you know when an item is out of stock. in inventory. You can also find various flash sales around bank holidays and other special events.

ASOS is the ideal place to buy basic wardrobe staples such as white tees or crop tops. The website has a huge assortment of these essentials and they have multipacks that help you save money on your purchase. There are also discounted items from top brands like Adidas Calvin Klein and Levi’s.


Ireland’s online shopping industry has seen rapid growth over the last few years. This is due to the huge number of mobile phones and strong internet access in households. Irish consumers are more likely to buy online products and services that are not readily accessible locally. This includes hotel and travel accommodations, and tickets for events. Online purchases of Remington Grooming Kit and beauty products, as also electronic and homewares are also popular.

Many Irish consumers purchase from UK online retailers because they provide a variety of goods and prices. However, a recent survey found that three in 10 consumers had problems with their delivery. Some consumers claimed that their deliveries were late, Adjustable Cheese Slicer while others claimed the courier was unable to locate their address.

Some online shoppers are worried that their purchases may not arrive in good condition. This is a valid concern, however many companies make sure that their products are secure and safe. For instance, certain online stores offer free returns on products that are damaged or don’t meet expectations. Some require customers to provide proof of purchase when they return items, which can help to determine if the products are damaged.

Before purchasing, buyers should read the conditions and terms. Many websites might have an Irish domain name ending, but they might not be registered or have warehouses in the state. The CCPC recommends that consumers check for Relay Module For Home Automation the company’s registration in their terms and conditions before purchasing from them. This will help them save money on customs duty and also allow them to keep their EU consumer rights.

Shopping online offers the convenience of shopping around for prices and features. This is particularly useful when you’re trying to find an item of a specific type or product. If you’re searching for a specific type of TV, it’s worth to look up the prices of a few online retailers.

In addition to reducing time by avoiding traffic jams and long queues in physical stores, you’ll also save on gas and electricity. Moreover, you’ll be able to save time by using a delivery service such as Easyship which calculates shipping rates for you automatically and display them on your screen.

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