Silver Needle

Experience tea like it’s supposed to be – fresh and flavorful. The Darjeeling silver needle white tea is in a class of its own. It’s a tea to be tried, to fully understand and appreciate its nuances. Here, we have one of the finest silver needles from Darjeeling. It’s wonderfully representative of this type of teas – lightly floral, a bit creamy and smooth textured.

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Product Description

It is a Darjeeling Black Tea from one of the highest elevated tea gardens of Darjeeling, “Gopaldhara Tea Estate”.  Made from clonal shoots and processed by experts, it brews into an orange cup and has a well-rounded high mountain flavor and pleasing aroma. Freshly packed at the garden to give the exquisite flavor, it makes your daily tea drinking a pleasurable experience and value for your money.

Brewing Instructions

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2gms Silver Needle Tea

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180ml Water

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Steep for 2-3 mins

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Myth Buster

Are they these super fragile, delicate teas that are only supposed to be had wearing a 3-piece suit wearing a monocle? Are they only to be brewed in an authentic Japanese tea brewing kit? 

We’re here to clear up some misconceptions about White Teas.


Myth #1:

White tea has the least caffeine of all teas.

White teas often contain more caffeine than other types of teas. Silver Needle in particular can contain some of the highest levels of caffeine per cup

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Myth #2:

Silver Needle is a delicate tea that needs cooler water to brew.

By nature’s design, tea buds are tender but tough, and the protective fuzz on the tea buds helps repel water to some extent — so we need to use hot water and a bit of force to extract the goodness inside.

Myth #3:

Silver Needle is always better

While it’s true that Silver Needle commands quite the price and attention in the tea market, exactly what you’ll get depends on a few factors.

Our Silver Needles are of the most premium buds available so you have no doubts about quality

silver needle tea premium exclusive


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