Green Tea Elixir

A very healthy and rejuvenating drink for those who want a great tea that comes at an affordable price. Elixir is one of our highest selling products and is widely enjoyed by all

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Product Description

Today, people all over the world enjoy the benefits of green tea. Fresh, clean, and packed with positivity, Green Tea helps you make the most of everyday. It’s the typical tea of China and Japan, where its revitalizing flavors have been bringing tea lovers moments of refreshment for millennia. 

Made from the same leaf as black tea, but picked younger for a fresher, lighter flavor, our classic green tea blend is a delicate balance of grassy notes and natural earthiness that makes for a hydrating mid-morning pick-me-up or delightful afternoon refresher.

Brewing Instructions

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2gms Elixir Green Tea

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180ml Water

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Steep for 2 mins

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Green Tea Leaves


Brew Analysis

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Dry Leaf

Open bright green whole leaves, well rolled

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Infused Leaf

Olive green

colour Tea Circle

Brew Colour

Bright greenish-yellow

aroma Tea Circle


Earthy and vegetal

mouth Tea Circle


Vegetal and earthy with sweet pine flavour

calm Tea Circle

After Taste

Lingering aftertaste

Uplift You Need

Thousands of years ago, Chinese Buddhist monks discovered the benefits of green tea for meditation. Now, thousands of people all over the world are discovering the benefits of green tea for their own focus.

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Pep In Your Step

With about a third of the caffeine of coffee, Green Tea benefits those who want to feel fresh all day.

Super Versatile

One of the benefits of green tea is the many ways you can drink it! Our green tea blend is perfect for those moments when you need to re-energize and revive, and for when you need to recoup and restore. A dose of pure sunshine to kickstart your day, and an afternoon delight to see you through to bedtime. 

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