Ginseng Oolong

When you’re in the mood for some luxury, brew yourself a cup of this regal tea. Ginseng Oolong combines the fragrant, nutty Oolong with revitalizing ginseng to give you a wonderfully stimulating tea which is aromatic, exquisitely flavoured and invigorating for the body and mind

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Product Description

Ginseng is a frequently used medicinal herb. Ginseng oolong tea is a refreshing blend of ginseng and oolong tea. This tea is an exquisite combination of lightly oxidized green oolong and revitalizing ginseng which is well proportioned and is stimulating to the body.

High quality oolong tea leaves are mixed with the roots of ginseng to produce the delicious taste of ginseng oolong tea which refills your energy. Oolong is semi fermented and is grown is the southern regions of china. The blend of oolong and ginseng has a light aroma with a sweet flavor with a slight trace of bitterness. Our Ginseng Oolong tea has a bouquet aroma and a sweet, fruity flavor that can be served hot or cold. In short one can say that this tea has a strong aroma with the crisp taste of oolong with a refreshing ginseng aftertaste.

Brewing Instructions

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Crush 2gms Ginseng Oolong Tea

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180ml Water

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Brew for 3-4 mins

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Balls made from Ginseng Root Powder

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Premium Oolong Tea Leaves


Health Benefits of Ginseng Oolong Tea

If you are health conscious, chances are you already know ginseng and its remarkable benefits. In Asia, people use ginseng in beverage and food to boost energy and protect themselves against illness. There are various combinations of ginseng with other items, one of such is ginseng oolong tea. It intends to bring the best of both worlds to your tea ritual

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Lowers Blood Pressure

Ginseng Oolong is known to have elements that help lower blood pressure

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Lowers Cholesterol Levels

It helps in regulating the Cholesterol Levels in the arteries

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Improves Memory and Concentration

Ginseng tea is believed act as a stimulant to the brain cells, improving concentration and cognitive abilities.

An-tea Ageing

In Chinese medicine, Ginseng is famous for its anti-aging properties. People believe that drink ginseng oolong tea not only restores energy but also prolongs life. Ginseng improves the body’s immune system and helps fight against diseases. That made it a drink of choice in the imperial palace of China in the past. 

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