The most popular type of tea in India. The tea brewed in our homes is usually of this variety. Add a dash of sugar and cream to a concoction of these leaves and let the magic of tea take you away

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Product Description

Premium CTC Tea is a daily Indian Chai Blend created by our tea tasters for your everyday tea needs. It is a blend of the best teas from Assam. CTC Milk Tea is processed using the crush, tear and curl method. That is how the name derived from the method of processing the teas. Our CTC tea has strong, rich, full-bodied yet a very pleasant taste like how a superior quality CTC should be. The flavor and aroma is exquisite that is perfect to brighten up your every morning. It is best when consumed with milk or a little dash of cream but however you can have without milk as well. It is definitely a must have tea for every strong milk tea lover.

Brewing Instructions

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2gms CTC Tea

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90ml Water

milk bottle Tea Circle

90ml Milk

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Boil for 2 mins

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CTC Tea Leaves


Brew Analysis

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Dry Leaf

Black, Brown rolled balls

leaves Tea Circle

Infused Leaf

Brown (Should be strained)

colour Tea Circle

Brew Colour

Deep Reddish Orange

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mouth Tea Circle


Strong, rich, full-bodied

calm Tea Circle

After Taste

Long lasting and astringent


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