An Aromatic Experience

The relaxation from chai starts with it’s aroma. If you value the Aroma as much as the Taste, then try this blend of Premium Assam Tea. Boil these leaves with water and some of your favorite spices. Then add in milk and let it simmer for about a minute. Strain and you have yourself a concoction that is tea as much as it a decadent dessert. This is a tea found all over India and this preparation will revive some beautiful memories.

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Premium CTC Tea is a daily Indian Chai Blend created by our tea tasters for your everyday tea needs. It is a blend of the best teas from Assam and Dooars. It combines the strength of Dooars with the sweetness of Assam. The liquor is bright and sports a golden brown colour with milk. The tea is full in body, brisk in taste with a sweet aroma.

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