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retro look fridge freezer ( Fridge Freezer Review

A retro fridge freezer is a wonderful addition to any kitchen, bringing retro charm and a splash of color. This Montpellier model comes in striking blue duck egg. It provides ample storage space with a 70/30 split between the fridge and freezer.


SMEG is a well-known brand for its retro fridge freezer for sale-style fridges, with their rounded shapes and chromed details. This model is a one-door top freezer refrigerator that has a total capacity of 9.2 cubic feet. It’s smaller than the typical refrigerators, Retro Look Fridge Freezer but it’s still an ideal choice for kitchens with small sizes. It also has an LED interior light as well as a multi-flow cooling system.

The fridge has three shelves that can be adjusted with the largest one at the bottom reserved for drinks. The fridge comes with an inbuilt wine rack so you can store a few bottles the wine you love. It has a door inside the window that lets you access snacks and drinks without opening the whole fridge.

The Smeg fridge comes with an impressive capacity of 300L, and 60/40 split, which gives the freezer extra space. The frost-free feature means that you don’t need to defrost the fridge manually. It also comes with two drawers with crispers for storing fresh salads and vegetables.

With a classy Bordeaux Red finish, this fridge from Montpellier can add a retro touch to any kitchen. The freezer is frost-free, and the fridge are both capable of 315L and the fridge takes priority with 226L. The LED lights inside can be a great way to keep drinks and food well-lit. The antibacterial liner also makes cleaning easy. Its icemaker creates both standard ice cubes and specialty round cubes of specialty that melt slowly. It’s also very easy to use, thanks to a simple LED touch control panel.

Montpellier FR390N4RRDUK

The Montpellier FR390N4RRDUK cream retro fridge freezer will add the vintage style of any kitchen. It has an enormous capacity and an 80/20 split, making it ideal for large families or small households. The fridge has adjustable glass shelves, which are more secure and easy to clean than traditional shelving. It also comes with an ice-cream maker drawer and an chrome wine rack. It also comes with a two year warranty, demonstrating the confidence and trust the manufacturer has in the product.

The Montpellier FR390N4RRDUK is energy-efficient and has an “C” energy rating. It is easy to maintain, with automatic defrosting, as well as an inbuilt LED light that indicates when the door is open. It also has a handy temperature display as well as a door alarm and can be controlled through the Montpellier app. The Montpellier FR390N4RRDUK also comes with an antibacterial coating to prevent the build up of germs and bacteria, making your food fresh for a longer period of time. It is available on Amazon with free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Hisense RB390N4RRDUK

This Hisense fridge freezer is the perfect size for your home. It is stylish in its design. With 300 litres of capacity you can store up to 16 shopping bags. It also has a slimline, non-plumbed 3-litre refillable water dispenser. Its Total No Frost technology makes defrosting obsolete while its humidity-controlled Crisp Zone assists in keeping your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

The stainless steel trim and shelves made of glass in this refrigerator freezer make it easy to clean. The digital control panel is easy to use and allows you to easily change the temperature. The LED light and automatic defrost save you time and effort.

This Hisense refrigerator freezer features a space specifically for wine bottles. It lets you maximize your fridge storage. The wine rack stops the bottle from moving on the shelves, so you can keep your favorite drink in a safe place. The label on the door will allow you to identify your wine.

hisense rb390n4ryduk retro freestanding fridge freezer bright beige 2013 Tea CircleThe multi air flow system ensures that your food remains in the best possible condition, no matter the location you keep it in your fridge. It does this by spreading the cold air evenly throughout your fridge and freezer to stop the formation of ice. This Hisense refrigerator also has a super-freeze option, which lets you freeze your food to preserve the flavor and nutrients. The Crisp Zone is controlled by humidity, and helps keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

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