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There are a variety of reasons to purchase a brand new set of handles for your doors made of upvc. Before you make a decision it is crucial to know what you should look for. The design is the first factor you need to think about. There are a variety of alternatives, including inline offset, and snib. This is crucial as you want to ensure that the design fits your door.

Lever vs lever

Do you want to know which is the best to replace your door’s upvc handle? It’s not an easy choice to make, however knowing the distinctions between lever and lever/pad handles will aid you in making the best decision.

Lever/pad handles offer more security than standard door handles. They feature the same features as levers, but a pad is inserted at the lever’s end to prevent the door from opening without keys.

You have two options for pad/lever handles: inline or off-set. This is a bit more difficult because you need to make sure that the screws are in the correct in the correct position.

A lever is an item of hardware that is horizontal typically made of metal or plastic. It’s similar to a knob but much more user-friendly. A lever is easier to use than a doorknob since it doesn’t require a firm grip.

A doorknob is essential but it is better to use a lever as a option when it comes to locking your door. A lever allows you to lock multiple points, for instance, your front door.

It is essential to measure the dimensions of your handles before replacing them. You’ll need to be aware of the PZ (Position Zone), the screw-to-screwratio, and the overall length.

The PZ is the most useful of the three. It measures from the keyhole’s center to the handle’s center. There’s also the screw at the top the handle, as well as the length of the handle.

The screw to the left has the same measurement as the PZ, and is the least complicated of the three. Although it’s not as useful as the other two, it’s an excellent idea to measure.

Inline vs offset

There are two kinds of door handles: offset and inline. The distinction between them is that inline door handles operate from one spindle while offset handles operate from two spindles. Both handles come in a variety of sizes and finishes. They are typically used on uPVC doors and can be found in numerous places.

It is essential to be aware of the dimensions and the style of your door before you choose the handle. This includes the overall length and the screw-to-screw distance and the PZ dimension. You can also visit the local hardware store in case you aren’t sure of the measurement. You can also make use of a size-matrix to determine the proper measurements.

The most sought-after type of door handle is the offset. These handles come with a pad on one side and are secured from inside. You can find them on both composite and wooden doors. If you buy new handles be sure to verify the locking system. If you want to secure the door from outside, certain levers and pad handle are offset.

Installing an offset door handle requires that you first attach the handle to the wall using screws. Make sure that the screws are put in the correct place and that they are securely secured. Also, the old spindle must be removed and replaced with the new spindle. Once the handle has been securely positioned, you should be able to lock and unlocking the door using your keys.

To replace an old UPVC door handle, you may purchase a replacement handle, or purchase corresponding locks and knobs. An alternative is to purchase the door handle replacement from a company that provides installation and sales.


Lever/pad door handles are installed on doors with split follower locks. The handle is equipped with an internal lever that operates independently from the pad. This feature provides additional security.

These handles are weather-resistant and long-lasting. These handles are often made from zinc alloy. It is essential to select the correct size handle.

UPVC door handles are available in a variety of styles and finishes. It is essential that your door’s style and materials match the hardware you select. If your door is made of timber, an offset handle would be the ideal choice.

Lever/pad handles can be bought in pairs and are available in inline or offset designs. Some are equipped with additional springs that prevent sliding and drooping. A lever pad handle is not just functional, but it’s also a stylish and unique product.

The Pro-Linea Lever and Pad are an excellent alternative if you’re in search of an exceptional replacement UPVC door knob. It has an ergonomic design, and its soft lines complement the chamfered appearance of contemporary door styles.

Pro-Linea door handles come with an internal spring module to stop them from sliding. It is also suitable for doors up 70mm thick. Apart from being a stylish and effective door handle, it has 122mm screw fixing centres.

The Pro-Linea door handle comes with three stars in its kitemark. It is also graded as Grade 5 BS EN1670: 2007 which means it has an excellent level of durability.


There are many types of door handles made of Repair Upvc Door. One of the most popular types is the lever handle. These handles are usually offset with two spindles. There is also a lever/pad handle. The difference is that the lever/pad handle is activated by pressing the lever.

There are also multipoint upvc door lock replacements door handles. They are available in a range of sizes and finishes. It is crucial to measure the handle to ensure that the correct handle is picked.

It doesn’t matter if are replacing door handles or installing new ones. One of the most useful measurements is the PZ dimension. This is the distance between the keyhole’s center to the centre of the handle.

Another important measure is the size of the screw-to–screw. This measurement can be used to determine the proper screws to put in. It is also helpful to measure the length of the backplate.

Lever handles are the most common choice when replacing UPVC door handles. A pad handle with an external handle is also available, which lets the use of keys. You can also select a snib handle. Each of these handles has a snib button, which can be triggered to pull the latch back.

Fab and Fix offers a range of replacement UPVC door handles. They are simple to install and come with a two-year guarantee. You can refer to the instructions of the manufacturer if you have any concerns.

Fullex also provides a wide selection of replacement UPVC door handles. The company is renowned for its high-quality locks over the years.

Cylinder guard

If you’re looking to get a superior level of security for your doors, you should consider buying an upvc cylinder guard to protect your door handles. These are specifically designed to guard your cylinder. They are made of stronger steel than standard handles. This makes them an excellent addition to your home.

There are many kinds of cylinder protectors. These include the MAX6MUM Security Lock Guard as well as the TradeLocks Cylinder Protectors. Whatever you pick they’re easy to install and will give your door the extra security it requires.

The MAX6MUMSECURITY cylinder guard works with all types of Euro-cylinder locks, even Winkhaus style locks. It is also a stylish and affordable alternative to protect your doors. You can find all the information you need on the internet or at an area hardware store.

A uPVC door handle is available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Some handles can be fitted to your furniture for your door, while others are customizable in a variety colors and designs. To ensure that you get the right handle for your door, you should test it before purchasing it.

The most popular uPVC door handle is the lever. Lever handles are available in lever and offset designs and can be reversible. Most lever uPVC handles can be convertible. But, if you are searching for a different approach to a symmetrical handle you might prefer the snib handle. This kind of handle opens automatically when the door is closed.

Another option is to buy Pad handles. Pad handles are smaller than lever handles and are ideal for double spindle locks.

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