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Why Buy a Double Loft Bed With Stairs?

Full loft beds with stairs are available in wood and metal. Solid-wood bunk sets match most traditional designs. Simple ladder-stairs are attached to the inner sides of vertical posts that create corners or support the top bunk’s protective rail. 2 x 4 dimensional lumber works best.

Kids love climbing up and down stairs as an alternative to the ladder. This type of loft saves space when your pirate, astronaut or future president outgrows their room.


A loft bed with stairs is a great way to create additional storage space to your child’s bedroom. A double loft bed with stairs is an excellent option to create two separate rooms without sacrificing floor space. This is especially useful if you have twins in the same room. A double loft can also be used as an office, a desk or sofa, depending on the requirements of your child. It is crucial to consider the height of your child’s ceiling when selecting a double bunk bed with stairs. The loft bed should have at least 13 inches of space between the floor, slats and the stairs. This will help prevent your child from falling down or getting injured.

strictly beds bunks celeste high sleeper loft bunk bed 4ft double 34 Tea CircleIf you don’t wish to spend a lot of money on a loft bed, you can build your own using this design from The House of Wood. The plan comes with clear instructions, cut lists, and illustrations that will guide you in building an efficient bunk bed that has stairs and a desk under the bed. It’s easy to customize the plan to meet the needs of your child for example, adding a bookcase or more drawers to store books and toys.

A twin loft bed with stairway can be made by placing the bed on the top of a dresser. This creates a loft space that is perfect for a desk or daybed, and it doesn’t require any additional installations. This is a great solution for a small bedroom with limited storage space.

If you’re looking for something more fashionable than the standard bunk beds, this design is a great choice. It uses sturdy wooden crates placed in a stairway arrangement for easy access to the loft. This design is an excellent way to offer lots of storage, and it looks sophisticated enough to be a perfect fit for any contemporary or modern interior. This loft can be completed with matching dressers or nightstands. Your teenager will love it.


A loft bed is an excellent option to make use of extra floor space in a tiny space. Ladders can make access to the loft more convenient for kids and are less bulky than stairs. Ladders are usually made of wood which is a more durable material than steel and gives the bedroom a cozy look. Ladders can be found in different styles to fit the tastes of everyone such as contemporary and traditional.

Some loft beds come with built-in storage on the stairs. They can include shelves as well as a secret Harry Potter closet, or desk drawers. They’re an excellent option for children who are young, since they can store books and toys in the storage compartments without fearing that they’ll fall out when climbing. They are smaller in height than most full-size bunk beds with stairs. However, they still offer enough storage space to accommodate many storage options.

Some models include stairs into the sides. They are typically made of solid wood. However some are made of particleboard that has a laminate or veneer finish. They’re less expensive than loft beds made of solid wood but they’re not likely to last as long. If you’re shopping for an loft bed with stairs, it’s important to take into consideration how much weight the ladder can withstand before buying.

A double loft bed can accommodate up to three children. This is perfect for shared rooms and holiday homes with a lot of children. Certain models have a trundle built into the lower bunk to provide an additional sleeping space for guests. This kind of loft bed is also an extremely popular option for teens, as they can turn the space under the stairs into a study area or a playroom. Other models include shelves in the stairs to give you more storage space, without sacrificing any floor space. They are great to store items like books, toys, and clothing. They also teach children how to keep their bedrooms neat.


When it comes to loft beds that have stairs storage is essential. They typically have drawers built into the stairs, providing two-in-one functionality that saves space in the bedroom of your child’s. Drawers are great for storage of toys but also can be used to store school materials or folded clothing items such as socks and vests. Some models can also feature shelving units that double as a bookcase. These shelves are ideal for displaying books, posters and other decorative items.

This loft bed features a twin-over-full bunk configuration, two drawers with handleless latches that are built into the stairs, and a shelving unit under the bed. The storage is useful for storing things under the bed and helps keep your child’s room tidy. The white loft bed and gray bed frame colors make it a versatile option that fits in with girls’ or boys modern rooms. The wide steps of this loft bed provide children plenty of space to store bins, and you can easily transform the cabinet doors into shelves for easy access to items that are frequently used.

Many children prefer to climb stairs instead of using ladders. If this is true in your home, you may think about a loft bed with a built-in desk, as well as a stairway. This is a great option to give your child an area to study in their own space without taking up any space on the floor. It’s a great method to organize their books and accessories and will aid them in staying organized as they progress through their school years and into adulthood.

mrsflatpack high sleeper cambridge high bed grey white 58 Tea CircleAnother option to add a desk to your child’s loft bed with stairs is to purchase one that is bolted to the side of the frame. This will allow you to put a table on the right or left side of the staircase, and make a more balanced appearance for high loft bed the room. If you choose to add a desk on the left or on the right of the stairs, make sure it’s tall enough for your child to work comfortably.

A simple and elegant traditional twin loft bed with stairs gives the full-size bed on the top of a twin tower and is accessed via an incline. The wood is finished in pretty mid-browns and the ladder features upright angular posts and horizontal rails. The drawers on the stairs are enhanced by the use of mushroom pulls, and shelves with open fronts are displayed on the sides and at the front.

Storage Space

If your children enjoy climbing up to the bed, a lofted bed is sure to be a success. The steps on the stairway can be used as drawers to store personal belongings, like books, toys, stuffed animal, and much more. The stairside also has shelves that can house an incense stick, a plant or diffusers, personal items, and more. This double loft bed with stairs has an elegant gray finish that coordinates with any bedroom color scheme.

A dresser set on the side of the stairs can enhance the appearance of a heavy duty loft beds for adults-style bed. The dresser offers plenty of storage space for clothing and other bedroom essentials. A majority of dresser designs have mirrors that add a more polished look to the room. Some dressers come with a sliding door that keeps the contents safe and secure. Some dressers also come with open shelving units that let children organize the space as they want.

Parents should consider the dimensions and shape of the room when choosing a double loft that has stairs. Parents should make sure that the height between the ceiling and the floor is sufficient for a child’s head to stay away from the bed. It’s also essential to make sure that the bed is equipped with an elevated guard rail high loft bed enough to prevent people who roll in their sleep from falling on the floor.

A bunk or loft bed with a desk can be a great place for a kid to work on school or homework projects. Some bunk beds and lofts come with an integrated desk. This is perfect for kids older than the age of 8 who are ready to start studying in their own dedicated space. Desks are also ideal for storing a variety toys and other items that might otherwise be a nuisance to the room.

This luxurious double bunk bed with stairs comes with an enduring bed at the top, and a multi-functional bottom bed that can be used for High Loft Bed two seats, as a sofa or even as desk. The bed frame features a durable wooden construction, slats to can support mattresses of all sizes and guard rails that ensure that children are safe. The bed frame comes with storage on both sides of the stairs and an hutch on the top which can be used to house a desk, bookshelves, or other ornaments.

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