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3 DIY Tips For Emergency Car Key Replacement

Losing your car keys could be an extremely frustrating experience. There are some things you can do to help yourself in the event of this happening to you.

First, look in the obvious places, such as your purse or pockets. You might want to consider purchasing a spare and replacement car keys storing it in a secure location. This can help prevent theft in the future.

1. Contact the police

Call the police if you can’t find your keys. They will be able help you more than an auto locksmith or roadside assistance. They can also inform the general public that your car keys could have been stolen to prevent others from using keys without permission.

They are not able unlock your car’s door unless it is an emergency. They don’t have tools and they don’t want to risk damaging the vehicle. In certain circumstances the police may be able to use a slim jim to open the door, but they will need to have a good reason for doing so. For example, if they see a small child or animal trapped inside the vehicle in hot weather, they may cut the window to save the life.

It’s an excellent idea to have a spare key hidden somewhere in case you are locked out of your vehicle. Some people keep spare keys in places that are easy to access, such as their office or home. Some people give them to family or friends to keep in case of emergencies. If you have an extra, reach out to it prior to calling the authorities or taking more drastic measures.

A lot of cars have proximity remotes that conceal an emergency key hidden within them. If yours is one of them, you could be able to open the doors from a distance by using the help of a specific tool that locksmiths will have. It is a thin jim with a flat end that can be used to pick a lock.

2. Contact a Tow truck

Find a company that provides emergency replacement car keys in the event that you lose your keys. It is best to save their contact numbers in your phone under “Emergency,” and spend some time looking into their services costs, coverage areas, charges technology, and professional.

You will be able to make an informed choice when the need arises. If you require an emergency locksmith or simply a replacement key, these companies can assist you in getting back on the road with little hassle.

It is recommended to have two or three spare sets of keys. Keep one at home, then give one to your spouse or your significant other, and then keep the other one in your purse or wallet. This will ensure that you never be stuck in a foreign location.

Having a spare can also help you avoid calling for assistance on the road. The cost of a new key for a traditional one is typically very affordable, but the price of a smart key could be quite high. These keys utilize an electronic chip to control the vehicle, therefore they’ll need to be paired with the vehicle by a manufacturer or dealer, and this could take a few days.

To make the process as quick and easy as it can be it’s a good idea to keep the VIN number of your vehicle in your possession. This can be found on your car’s registration or, more often, on a metal plaque in the driver’s side doorpost. This information will allow professionals to modify your old key so that it works with the new key.

3. Try a Pump Wedge

It is always advisable to employ a non-destructive method initially especially if you have children, pets, or elderly people in the car. That way you won’t risk needing to call 999 or be charged a high amount from a professional.

One of the easiest ways to unlock a car is to use an air pump wedge, which are offered in auto lockout kits, and also by locksmiths and repo experts. The wedges are made of durable vinyl that can be deflated and inflated quickly. They can be slipped between the weather stripping and the door without having to worry about scratching paint.

For the majority of vehicles, a curving wedge is preferred. The idea is to create a space where you can put in the long, thin rod in order to get to the pin locked. If the coat hanger is thick enough, it might work. You could also try an aluminum rod or a blood pressure cuff. The goal is to get the rod between the frame and door so you can pull it out and unlock the car.

Most of these methods will cause the car alarm to go off, which is why it’s recommended to avoid these methods unless you’re in an emergency. If not, the police might need to employ an even more destructive method to get into your vehicle and rescue your pet or passengers.

Keep a spare key at your home or with a friend to ensure that you have a chance of getting back in your car in case you lock yourself out. It is also important to determine if your insurance for your vehicle or roadside assistance policy covers the replacement car key fob of your car keys.

4. Try a Coat Hanger

You’ve probably seen the coat hanger trick in a movie. This is a great option for older vehicles with manual locks and works as an easy slim jim. All you require is a coat hanger made of wire and pliers.

Untwist the coathanger using pliers so that one side is hooked, and the other straight. Slide the hook between the window frame and the door frame. This will allow you to locate the control arm that is attached to the lock rod. Once you’ve found it, pull up and the door will open.

Another method is to tie a string using an elongated slip-knot on the upper right corner of the driver’s side of the door. Move the string in a back-and-forth motion (like flossing a huge tooth) to shift it toward the inside lock rod. It may be necessary to use both hands and it could take several attempts however, if you are successful, the lock will let go and you should be able to unlock the door.

You could also consider using a strip of plastic that is bent into a shape that fits into the gap between the door and the frame. This is a more challenging option, but it may be the only method to get into the vehicle if you cannot find your keys.

Citroen Tea CircleIf you have an extra key, it is best to keep it somewhere that you can easily access it in the event in an emergency. You’ll need to contact road assistance or a lock-smith in the event that you don’t. You should have your key code number as well as personal identification with you so that road assistance or a locksmith can assist you quickly.

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