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A 12kg Washing Machine Is Ideal For Large Families

With a capacity of 12 kg the machine is perfect for families with larger numbers and can take on massive loads at the same time. It also comes with intelligent functions such as time delay settings, a quick wash, and a great stain removal.

Enjoy a smart remote control with the ThinQ app to download extra cycles, track your laundry history and troubleshoot.


haier hw120 b14979 freestanding washing machine 12kg load 1400rpm white 1404 Tea CircleThe capacity of washing machines is an important factor to consider when selecting the best 12 kg washing machine one. A 12kg washing machine is the best 12 Kg washing machine option for you if you have a large household or wash several loads per week. It can handle heavier loads of clothing, and larger items like a king-size duvet. It won’t be necessary to wash more than one time per week.

This capacity is large enough to allow you to wash more clothes in one go which helps conserve energy and water. This is an excellent option to cut down on your carbon footprint and save money on water and electricity bills.

Many of our 12kg washers come with various useful features, in addition to the larger drum size. For example, some models have a 24-hour delay timer that lets you set a start time at any time. This is ideal for busy families who do not always have the time to do laundry during the daytime.

Certain models also have a digital inverter motor which provides better energy efficiency and quiet operation. This lowers noise and vibration levels during the cycle, which is ideal for people with sensitive ears or a busy household. Other features that are beneficial include an automatic detergent dispenser, the built-in Smart app that lets you to control the washing machine from your smartphone and an EZI-Set control system that makes it simple to use.

Another thing to look for in a good 12kg washing machine is the speed at which it spins. The faster the spin speed the faster your clothes will dry. This will reduce drying time and cost on heating electrics, and it can help protect your delicate clothes from wrinkles and shrinkage. Our washing machines weigh 12 kg. come with a 1,600 rpm spinning speed that is suitable for the majority of fabrics and clothing. If you are looking for a more ecologically sustainable model, there are also alternatives with a lower speed of 1,000 rpm.

Energy efficiency

h wash 500 hwb412amc 12kg 1400rpm a wifi white washing machine 4002 Tea CircleOur largest capacity washing machine is able to take care of big laundry piles, with a drum that weighs buy 12kg washing machine, which can wash bulky items such as blankets and doonas as with everyday clothes. This size is perfect for families who want to wash all their clothes at once, and avoid the hassle of the hassle of washing multiple loads per week.

This model that is energy efficient comes with a BLDC (brushless DC motor) that consumes less power, produces less noise, and is more durable. It is rated A for energy efficiency, which will help you save money on electricity bills.

With EcoWash your washer will automatically adjust the amount of water and temperature, as well as the speed of spin in accordance with the type of load and size. This helps you save energy and water while delivering a professional-grade clean. Additionally the AutoWaterSaver function can reduce your water consumption by up to 50%, resulting in an environmentally sustainable and economical wash.

If you are on a time-of-use rate plan, you can utilize your washing machine at lower times during the day or at night to lower your energy bills further. Be aware of the electricity rates in your home, as certain plans charge at different times of the day, or for different appliances.

You can check the energy consumption of your washer by examining its yellow Energy Star rating and dividing it by its cycle duration in hours (Energy per hour Wh/cycle). After that, you’ll have an idea of how much electricity it will use each year.

A high-quality washing machine can handle a large amount of laundry and not use up water or energy. It will also have an efficient spin speed that reduces wrinkles. Look for models that have sensors that automatically adjust the amount of water and heat used, so you’re never using more than you need to.

If you live in a home powered by batteries, a washer that weighs 12kg with a converter integrated is a great option. These machines convert DC electricity from your solar system at home or the mains into AC electricity for the washing machine. This lets you run the washing machine at lower cost at night and during the day when the sun isn’t shining.


The capacity of this washer is 12 kg, which allows it to wash large loads in a single cycle. It’s also energy efficient, with a 4-star Energy Star rating and 3.5-star WELS rating, along with an inverter motor to cut down on the energy consumption. In addition, the EZI control system time adjust function, as well as regular quick wash programs make it easy to complete your laundry.

The machine is powered by a digital inverter motor that provides superior energy efficiency and a quieter operation than traditional universal motors. The Ultra Fine Bubble Technology produces invisible nano-sized micro bubbles which penetrate deep into fiber gaps and eliminate stains.

There may be a rattling sound that resembles a merry go round, but without oil. This is normal, however, when the sound becomes louder and/or is accompanied by banging noise, this is a sign of uneven distribution of the weight in your laundry load. If this happens, shut down the machine and rearrange your laundry by hand. This should solve the issue. If the issue continues you should contact Express Appliance Service immediately.

Spin speed

The speed at which washing machines determines the amount of water removed at the end of the wash cycle. A high spin rate implies less moisture in the washing, which reduces drying times and conserve energy. However, a high spin speed could be detrimental to the life of your washing machine as it consumes more energy.

A good spin speed is between 1,000 to 1,400 rpm. Higher rpms will take away more water from your clothes but they can also cause more vibration. This could cause more wear and tear on the motor and drum of your washing machine.

We offer a variety of washing machines that can be customized to meet your specific laundry needs. If you’re washing delicate clothes or bulky items such as a duvet we have the ideal washing machine for you. Our washing machines of 12 kg are perfect for families with large children as they have a huge capacity which allows you to wash a whole week’s worth of laundry in one load.

With a spin rate of 1400rpm this machine will make light work of your washing. It comes with 22 wash programs, meaning you can select the ideal setting for each kind of fabric and dirt level. It also has an DD motor for quiet operation and less vibration during the spin cycle.

This washing machine has an enormous 12kg drum that can take massive loads and bulky items like king-sized bedding. The DD inverter delivers an intense spin that takes more water from your clothes, reducing the drying time. The advanced smart technology will help you reduce energy consumption and track your laundry routine by using a variety of smart features.

With a smart LED display, this washer is simple to use and will keep you up to date with your progress. It has 15 auto wash programs that take the hassle out of washing everything from jeans to delicates, and even comes with a timer that can be set for 24 hours. It also has a pause and reload feature to allow you to add items to your load during the cycle.

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